About 1830 - Roberto Borghesi - Jewels, watches and gold

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Early 20th century earrings of dalmatian manufacture.
Made from yellow gold with filigrane and micropearls.
Very good conditions
In perfect condition.
Height 3.85 cm
Width 1.80 cm
500.00 €
Ring made of 18K yellow gold, inspired by Castellani's "granulation" technique.
It bears a natural "old Europe" brilliant cut diamond weighing ct. 1.13.
Italian production of the first decade of the 20th century
1950.00 €(VAT incl.)
Antique Austro-Hungarian button ring
yellow gold and silver, second half of the 19th century.
It comes with natural rose cut diamonds and faceted natural rubies.
Weight of diamonds: ct. 1.80
Rubies weight: ct. 1.20
Weight 8,62
Perfect conditions
1500.00 €(VAT incl.)
XIX century earrings of Austro-Hungarian manufacture.
Earrings composed of two separable parts. Above a half sphere bearing a bright green tourmaline, with lever-back 'hook' clasp; below, a gold pendant made with the filigree technique.
Very good conditions.
Height 5 cm
Width 2 cm
800.00 €(VAT incl.)
Early 20th century earrings of Austro-Hungarian manufacture.
Made of 14K gold, with rear pin closure.
Delightfully decorated with black fired enamels.
In the center, two colorless glass pastes cushion cut.
In perfect condition.
Height 3,5 cm
Width 1,95 cm
400.00 €(VAT incl.)
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