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Very rare and perfectly preserved 'Berthoud a Paris' pocket watch
Fully functioning.
Creator of the famous saying 'Essai sur l'Horlogerie', Berthoud was the most illustrious competitor of Le Roy in the race to perfect the watch making technique. He worked in Paris until 1807.
Solid silver triple case.
Dimensions: diameter: 56 mm, thickness: 19 mm.
Original curved crystal.
White enamel dial with markers for the hours and for the date of the month.
Verge escapement.
Gold-plated movement.
Weight: 121.96 g.
800.00 €
Gorgeous watch made by John Gale, who worked in London on Lamb Street from 1790 to 1844.
The casing has a hallmark for the metal, the city of London, and the date.
The casing is made from 925 silver with traces of old gold plating (plating on inside of the casing in very good condition).
Diameter: 4.8 cm Height: 1.3 cm.
Weight: 95.13 g
Verge pocket watch with a fuseé movement and original winding chain.
The upper part of the movement is richly decorated with engravings.
In very good condition and in working order.
1150.00 €(VAT incl.)
Beautiful pocket watch made by the famous silversmiths Barber & Cattle of York, England.
Equipped with silver case and outer case, duly hallmarked.
Solid silver case.
Outer case dimensions: diameter: 55 mm, thickness: 16 mm.
Case dimensions: diameter: 48 mm, thicknes: 22 mm.
Original curved crystal.
Enamel dial painted with miniature polychrome depicting fishermen and an English vessel. Signed.
Verge escapement.
Gold-plated movement.
Weight: 131.21 g.
455.00 €(VAT incl.) 650.00 €
Anonymous silver pocket watch.
Dated 1825 with "G" letter from Chester, signed on interior case.
Mechanical key winding
Diameter 55 mm.
Thickness 18 mm.
Verge escapement.
White enamel jewel dial with Roman numeral hour markers
It has punches in the internal case
In excellent condition
600.00 €(VAT incl.)
White dial, with Roman numeral hourmarkers and burnished steel hands.
800 silver casing, in good overall condition.
Has the Swiss and German hallmarks, as seen in photos.
Cylinder escapement, well-finished and functioning.
Measurements: Diameter – 40 mm, thickness – 10 mm.
Aged about 1880
300.00 €(VAT incl.)
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