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There are many ways to buy gold. Different products can be used to achieve a variety of investment objectives.
Investors should consider the options available in their market, the form of investment that is appropriate to their circumstances, and the nature of professional advice they will require.
We provide most known gold coins and bullions from Argor Heraeus.
Bars and coins come in many denominations and measures of gold content (also called fineness). Fineness is either measured in carats (the highest being 24 carats) or in parts of gold per thousands (usually 995, 999, or 999.9 parts per thousand).
Coins are commonly produced in denominations of 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, and one troy ounce.
Bars can be purchased in 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 1,000 gram denominations as well as 1, 10, and 100 troy ounces.

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Investment diamonds are high-quality cut diamonds. As a general rule, for a colorless diamond to be considered an investment diamond, it needs to weigh at least 1ct. With fancy color diamonds, the mass is not as important a factor as their color and its saturation.
The most desired cut of a diamond is brilliant, but for stones above 5-10ct, the cut is less important. High mass and high quality mean the diamond is rare. The rarer the stone, the higher the demand – and with higher demand comes higher price.
Diamonds serve as a profitable avenue for any investor because it is a tangible asset that appreciates over time. Therefore, it has gained popularity as an investment option. Compared to other traditional tools, diamond investments offer better appreciation and liquidity.
Diamonds, as an investment are rapidly gaining popularity because it provides avid investors with a safe avenue. With the ability to appreciate better, it earns higher returns as compared to several other traditional forms of investments. You need to have it in your portfolio because it acts as a balanced and safe investment.
We can advise you on investment-grade diamonds, and make it convenient for you. Don’t hesitate to email or call upon our extensive experience for advice on investing in diamonds. Based on your investment goals, available funds, and risk-bearing ability, we will make the best recommendations for you.
If you buy your investment grade diamonds through us, we will repurchase them at a later date. Also, if required, we will arrange for a new buyer to repurchase them from you. That too, at the very best prices available, thus reducing your efforts, and making your diamond investment more liquid.
We can also assist you in the valuation of the diamonds that you may have inherited. As part of our overall diamond-as-an-investment advice, we make recommendations which increase the value of the gem. This can be by re-cutting stones, re-submitting for new certificates or even re-cutting old cuts into more modern ones.

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