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Director of Bednarz & Burger from foundation, since 2009 i am also chairman of the Association of the Antiquarians of the Friuli venezia Giulia Region.
I am mediator and expert in antique and modern valuables and clocks authorized by the C.C.I.A.A (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture) and the Court of Law of Trieste.
I am in the direction board of the TRIESTEANTIQUA antique fair of Trieste since 2008, as quality supervisor.
Since 2008 i have held several public information meetings, including radio and television, on antique jewelry, on behalf of the Civic Museums of Trieste.
I work as a designated expert and / or expert witness with Regional Court of Law on jewels, watches and antiquities.

I edited for the State Archives the analysis and expertise of precious assets owned by the Ministry of the Treasury; carried out the expert appraisal of the judicial deposits belonging to the Austrian administration, delivered to Italy at the end of the First World War, followed by the exhibition "THE DISCOVERED TREASURE - A PRECIOUS AUSTRIAN HERITAGE IN THE STATE OF TRIESTE ARCHIVES", where i took care of the preparation and presentation.

I collaborate with the City of Trieste and the Department of Culture for all that pertains to the analysis and evaluation of precious, even in the antiques' field; i also treated the esteem of municipal property deriving from the Lost Objects Office (from 1938 to 2000) followed by "Trieste Distratta", an event of public enchantment of objects estimated to the public.
I am technical consultant for the main city press organs above all as regards investments. gold, precious metals and antiquities.
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